The idea of waking up on the wrong side of the bed is all about perception. You can always have a good day, despite whatever life throws at us. Sometime’s it’s a bit too much to handle – but you always keep going. Here are a few simple tips on how to set your day up for success.

 1. Make Your Bed

Starting off your day with organization sets you up for success! Like the saying goes: Organize your environment and your mind will follow. It’s an easy thing to skip, and most of us don’t see the point in making a bed that will just get slept in that night.

When the first thing you do is clean your space, you’re more likely to continue that action. How you do anything is how you do everything – because everything is a fractal of everything else.
Ensure that you’ll have a great day by setting yourself up for one. Put the action forth to keep yourself in motion – you’ll truly feel the difference. 

 2. Set An Intention

Sometimes one of the only reasons we have a bad day is because we perceive it as one. When you’ve woken up to a new day,
 it’s an opportunity to create whatever you want. Every day is a chance to do what you didn’t do yesterday – to create your dream life, to take the steps to get where you really want to be.

Set an intention for your day! It can be as simple and broad as “I will have a good day today” to something more specific. You can create a very detailed intention that you’d like to experience and see how it plays out. Life brings us what we ask for in mysterious ways that we don’t always expect.
Sometime’s it’s fun to set a very specific intention, like seeing a certain flower, running into a certain person or anything you’d like to experience. At the end of your day, account for what you saw, felt and experienced. Did your intention manifest in a different, subtle, or completely obvious way? See how your interaction with everything effects the quality of your days.

 3. Meditate

Clearing your mind before the day starts is a great way to stay focused and stay mentally refreshed. Meditating before you’ve had a chance to absorb the information of daily life will help keep you centered.

It can help you take in information, understand, process and react quicker. When a mind isn’t full of emotional distraction, you register information at lightening speed.
This is also a great time to reflect on your dreams and explore some of your subconscious. Right after we wake up is the best time to recall your dreams. It’s a great way to explore hidden aspects of yourself that only come out when we’re in a dream state! This is a perfect time to figure out anything we need to think about, solve any problems or simply relax into being.

 4. Drink Lemon Water

A lot of it! At least a glass or two – if not more. We should be drinking three liters of water a day, so if you could knock out a liter in the morning, that’s a great start to your day!

I can’t eat in the morning without drinking a bunch of water before – it just feels way better. It helps your stomach expand and absorb food better. If this is something you can keep up, you will drastically see effects like clearer skin, you’ll have more energy and feel less congested!
There are so many positive effects of lemon water, we even have an article on why you should drink it daily!
5. Plan Your Day
business planner
This differs from setting an intention in that this is what you need to be doing rather than what you’d like to happen.

What does your day look like? Creating a schedule either on your phone, computer or right on paper can help keep your stress levels down and keep you focused.
It can be fun too! Buy a pretty schedule book, create the most comprehensive online organization system or draw a detailed list of things to do.
It’s all about taking the mundane tasks of daily life and making them into a sort of game. See what you need to get done and sort it in order of what needs to get done first and over all importance. Seeing everything you need to do right in front of you really helps keep your stress maintained and sets you up for a day of motion!
Source - Spirit Science

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