7 Common Problems Faced By Single Ladies

Our society is very prejudiced towards single ladies. Even in developed countries women are thought to be the second fiddle to men. It is believed that every woman needs a man and any woman that doesn’t have a man must spend most of her time and energy in searching for one. That’s what all romcoms teach us. Not only is this being sexist, but it is also just stupid to hold such a view. Still most people, both men and women, believe that there is nothing worse than a single lady in her 30s. Due to this attitude single ladies face many problems like…..

1. Spinster Witch or Cat Lady:

The worst problem is the way society looks at single women. Any woman who is into her 30s and is still single is looked at weirdly by everyone. Two stereotypical images come to mind; that of the spinster witch, manipulating people to find a mate or that of the cat lady with a hundred cats. So for your own sake, if you are a single woman, don’t get too many cats.

2. The Ticking Clock:

One serious problem faced by single women is that their clock to have babies starts to run out as they get older. Most women do want children even if they don’t want to get married. This puts a pressure on the women to find a mate as soon as possible or let go of the dream to have kids. Of course there are other options such as sperm donation and adoption that many single women have taken up.

3 Safety Issues:

No matter how developed your country, women are not safe on their own. It’s a shameful fact for the men of this world to accept but it also needs to be accepted by single women that they need to be extra careful about their safety. You can call me a sexist but it is true that this is a man’s world. Even married women aren’t completely safe but at least they have a man to protect them. Single women need to be extra careful and train in self defense and it is always helpful if their circle of friends have some trustworthy men.

4. Financial Issues:

This problem is not so much a sexist problem but one faced by single women and men the world over. The economy has been so rough that it is hard for single people to survive while couples find it easier as two people bring home a salary. If one of them gets fired the other can provide for the time being but a single person has nowhere to go if they get fired. This problem is faced by all single people and single women need to be aware of it too and prepare accordingly.

5. Prejudice at Work:

What can make the above problem even worse for women is that they still face prejudice at work. This prejudice is faced by all women but even more so by single women. Strong independent single women scare men and this shows up when the boss has to hand out promotions or decide who to let go. Married women are no better off here either but finally glass ceilings are shattering all over the world and slowly we are seeing things improve for women at the work place.

6. Men Hitting on You Constantly:

One annoying problem that single women face is that men will hit on you wherever you go. Whenever men see single women they take a chance at it. Older single women attract the wrong kind of men who think that since the woman is older and still single, she must not be looking for anything more than a one night stand. It’s hard for single women in their 30s to find a decent guy who won’t be scared off by their independence.

7. Parents Pressuring You to Get Married:

Single women have to face the relentless pressure of their parents, forcing them to get married. The older generation doesn’t understand how being a single woman is not such a bad thing. This is just an annoying problem and it is best to just ignore it.

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