8 signs that you are a compulsive flirt!

You are known as a big flirt by your friends because you cannot help but appreciate the beautiful faces around at all times. Remember - kisi ke baal ache hain to kisi aankhein, kisi ke honth ache hain to kisi ki baatein! You might try hard but you always end up doing a few things inevitably every time you're out at a happening party or just a casual social gathering! We list out 8 signs that will confirm if you are a compulsive flirt or not!

1. You are always ready with an 'ice-breaker': 'Hey Senorita, I'm Raj...naam to suna hoga!

2. You love to flaunt yourself! You got a hot body and you make no bones about showing it off. You always know what to wear at the right place and at the right time!

3. You exactly know how to attract attention. Raising your decibel to make a point and there you grab all the eyeballs!

4. Your conversation is flooded with "oh" "Wow" "Me too ya" "Same here" "I would love to"...and everything that says "I'm kinda similar to you baby..."

5. You're always ready with a Tsumani of compliments.

6. Oh-that-touch! That little elbow brush, gentle tapping or just playing footsie under the table...you waste absolutely no time in establishing that mild physical contact.

7. You know exactly how to 'Glance'. You can arrest him/her with that one deep look!

8. Introducing that 'xxx' word in your conversation by default! "Did you hear that joke...oh well, it's a little 'non-veg'. Do you mind if I read it out."

Source - TOI

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