Are you falling for the wrong guy?

Are you falling for the wrong guy?
Whether it's Jane Austen's Elizabeth Bennett or Margaret Mitchell's Scarlett O'Hara, girls, at least in English literature, do have a thing for bad guys. 

In real life too, women feel that irresistible pull for bad guys — they are usually handsome without really trying too hard, they have that 'I don't give a damn' attitude and are hard-to-get.

Psychologists say that some women tend to confuse anger and tantrums for love. And it could be because of negative experiences they have had with men. Do you fall under that category? Take this quiz to find out...

When I meet a nice guy...
A. I think nice guys are boring.
B. I tend to think of him more as a friend than lover.
C. I start imagining that he is my Mr Right.

When I meet a so-called 'bad' guy...
A. I fall in love. Almost!
B. I become extra careful.
C. I try and avoid him and then run away ASAP!

I like bad boys...
A. They are sexually exciting.
B. Because good guys are rare.
C. Of course not!

My partner is sometimes abusive.
A. It does not bother me.
B. Very rarely.
C. Never. I'd leave him, otherwise.

My relationships with men...
A. Have been disappointing.
B. I have had a few affairs.
C. I am still waiting for my Mr Right.

If my man is lying to others...
A. So what? Don't we all lie sometimes?
B. As long as he is truthful to me, I don't care.
C. I will be wary — he could easily be lying to me, too.


Mostly A
You are all for bad guys! You should not be allowed to look at guys without parental supervision or at least, without your closest friend being next to you. Even if a very nice guy is right in front of you, chances are, you will look right through him.

Mostly B
You are highly susceptible to the bad ones, if your answers have been truthful.

Mostly C
You are in no trouble. You do not seem to be that attracted or into bad guys at all.

Compiled by Debarati S Sen

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