5 things to avoid looking unprofessional

Coming across as unprofessional is the last thing one would want to be. Here are some tips that can help you avoid the same:

- Have you heard of the 'expectation hurts' phrase? That is exactly what would be termed as optimism bias or being unrealistically optimistic. Assuming that there is a lesser chance for one to be at risk than others leads them to believe that they can afford to be more laidback and they often start taking the safe route. This could make one look unprofessional.

- Words matter. While actions speak louder than words, you should still mind your words. Do not use bad words at work place - whether you are using it just like that or are frustrated - it shows employees in a bad light.

- Never hide things at your work place. It is good to be transparent in your communications. That way, you have nothing to hide and your communication with your colleagues and your seniors remains unaffected.

- Do not run away from responsibilities. A responsible employee is not only the most sought after, but also tends to be more successful at his/her work. On the contrary, do not overpromise, too, if you cannot accomplish it.

- Leering could make you look like a creep and interactions with those from the opposite sex become difficult. You'll be in the radar for all the wrong reasons, of course.

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