4 tips to deal with a demanding professional life

Explore the reason

Remember, most people work manic hours by compulsion. If your husband is spending inordinately long hours working, ask him what's prompting him to do so. Explore if he's battling unrealistic deadlines, lacks certain skills or is unable to say no. Once you are able to figure out the real reason, look at addressing it together.

See it as a transition

There are two contexts to this challenge. If his long hours are a recent phenomenon, it could be an impending deadline and may pass. So there's no cause for worry. But if it is something else, a carefully thought out action plan that includes dealing with internal fears, getting more support, building confidence will help him recover his work-life balance. Treat it as a transitional phase, focussing on the solution instead of the problem.

Clarify the expectation

Ask yourself if your husband is aware of your feelings. Share your emotions, without the undertone of blame. Revisit the goals/dreams you had shared earlier. Discuss what you both need to do to achieve them and the way you can support each other in doing so.

Support, don't nag

Nagging will get your partner's back up. And if he worries about friction at home it may be a disincentive to return at a decent time. It's likely that he's frustrated due to his long working hours. Rather, explore ways in which you can be more plesant and supportive.

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